Asset Management Association of China

Registration number:P1009970

Private Investment Fund Manager Registration Certificate

Investment Philosophy

Discovery of Value

LF Capital focuses on discovering of and investing in companies with high potential for development

Promotion of Value

LF Capital is dedicated to building outstanding businesses by providing capital and value-added services in many critical areas to our portfolio companies

Realization of Value

Achieve investments exit via domestic and overseas listing, injecting capital into listed companies, mergers and acquisitions, equity transfer and other ways to bring huge return on investment to fund investors

Investment Strategy

Currently, with the Chinese government paying close attention to the development of a sustainable, stable and active multi-level capital market, we are focusing on the domestic A-share market and will evaluate opportunities for equity investment with high growth and potential of high return in the capital markets of key global developed regions. We are committed to increasing the value of the fund through our portfolio companies by:

Equity investment in high quality, high growth portfolio companies who are publicly listed in the capital market or who have met requirements of the capital market;

Supply of effective value-added services that are critical to the portfolio companies’ management to ensure success;

Promotion of value of stock rights of our portfolio companies and strategic exits from the market at every level.

By virtue of our unique advantages for project development and standardized investment operation and management, LF Capital will focus on industries with large potential for further development as well as strong growth, e.g. mobile Internet, health care, culture and education, new energy, energy saving and environmental protection and the Beidou satellite navigation industries.

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